Preventive Maintenance

Your roof is the one asset which protects everything else you’ve worked so hard for! It’s easy to forget about your roof because you don’t see it everyday, but you do use it and it gets abused. That’s why you need to consider having a commercial roof preventive maintenance program in place.

Preventive maintenance will help keep your commercial roof in tip-top shape, even as it endures freezing and boiling temperatures, torrential downpours and high winds.

What Is The Commercial Roof Preventive Maintenance Program?Roof Preventative Maintenance

Commercial roof preventive maintenance involves the consistent inspection of your roof, to allow for the detection and repair of minor problems before they become major expenses.

At Royal Roofing, our commercial roof preventive maintenance program is a semi-annual inspection where we provide you a report of the roofs condition, along with an early warning of any problem areas which may affect the integrity of the roof, like:

  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Duct work
  • Skylights
  • Blisters and splits
  • Stress movement
  • Electrical conduits
  • Process piping
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Antennas and guy wires
  • Drainage systems (i.e., clogged drains or downspouts)
  • Cracking of walls, leaks from caulking, etc.

To provide our customers with complete information as to their overall roof condition we rate each roof in the following manner:
A – The roof is in excellent condition and has no need for any work.
B – The roof is in fair condition. If the roof system has a preventive maintenance plan, this will allow the roof system to perform for as many years as it is intended for.
C – The roof is in fair to poor condition. Roof repairs are needed to stop minor leaks in areas like the perimeter flashing, seams, roof penetrations and UV coatings. These repairs should extend the life of the roof system several years.
D – The roof is in poor condition. Leaking is present, however, under moderate control with repairs. New leaks are showing up routinely. Typically this roof system is approximately ten (10) to twelve (12) years old or older. Best recommendation is a new re-roof application.
F – The roof is beyond repair. Leaking is continual after each rain or snow meltdown. Leaks have become disruptive to personnel and/or are damaging product. Best recommendation is a complete re-roof.

Is Preventive Maintenance Necessary?

Without preventive maintenance, minor problems which could have easily been repaired become major headaches. These problems can create the need for a complete roof replacement, which could have been prevented.

Preventive maintenance from Royal Roofing:

  • Aids in the prevention of most premature roof failures
  • Keeps roofs in maintainable condition
  • Increases the lifespan of roofs
  • Provides immediate emergency repairs in the event of storm damage, break-ins, etc.
  • Reduces downtime caused by leaks
  • Reduces inventory damage
  • Reduces equipment damage
  • Provides semi-annual reports of roof condition and early warning of most conditions which may affect roof integrity
  • Provides, in a timely manner, information for the budgeting of maintenance costs and replacement capital
  • Provides information about roof abuse and who or what may be responsible
  • Most importantly, Royal Roofing’s commercial roof preventive maintenance program saves you money!

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